My Rage is Yellow

Warm sunshine, bathing my face,

my body,

my soul

in its ethereal glow

My rage 

butter-1320001Smooth butter,





My rage 

Withered, sallow, ancient skin

seeing its altered appearance,

wearing its pallor like a badge of honor

My rage 

Foul sulphur

sloughing off microscopic bits,

as the match strikes, catches, engages,

creating a fire, a stench

My rage 

wine-1524582Sweet, bubbly moscato

waiting to soothe my frazzled nerves

and nuzzle me until my head feel just a little bit


tickling my tongue,

pleasing my palate

My rage

Covers me, head to toe

blankets me in softness,

lulls me to sleep.

soothing my ruffled feathers

My rage

Sparklipstick-series-i-1426919les gold on my lips,

indulgence reserved for special occasions,

which will nonetheless present its shimmering temptation to me


My rage


I lean into my rage

Raise my fist in my rage

Say hello to my






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